Curling Fees

  • Junior Curling Program:
    $20 / person
  • Locker Rental:
    $20 / locker

League Fees

  • Adults:
    $150 / person
  • Juniors:
    $75 / person (must be 17 or younger)

All fees are subject to change without notice

Our Leagues

Tuesday Men's League:

Tuesday Men's usually runs every week at 7:30pm. This is a "semi-competitive" league as scores are kept but everybody is just out to have fun. We usually combine regular curling with "skins" or "shuffleboard" and have a playoff to determine the league champion at the end of the year. Spares are welcome and can play any position.

Wednesday Mixed Open League:

This league runs every week and generally has a 7:30pm start time. Since this is an "open" league, any combination of male/female curlers is allowed. An all male team would be acceptable if it included at least one junior. Scores are kept but this league is really all about having fun. We try to mix it up a bit during the year by having "skins" or "shuffleboard" games as well as regular curling. The league champion is determined at the end of the year by a playoff. Spares are welcome and can play any position.

Junior Curling:

Our junior curling program runs once per week for 1 hour each time. The day and time are decided at the start of the year depending upon instructor availability and what works best for the majority of the curlers. The goal of our program is to introduce kids to curling while promoting fun. The program is available to children in grades 1 or older and is instructed by volunteers. The program is designed and run by Curl Canada qualified instructors.

Each 1 hour session usually features some practice time for skill development followed by some "games" time. We also attempt to attend or host at least one junior bonspiel each year with optional participation for the kids.

To get more information or to register for any of our Leagues: